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Eddy Farm

Herald Blooming Garden in Eddy Farm is a camp and a brand-new ministry of “Horse”. We will have several developments: 1. Koksheng Life Manor is located at the junction of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, which is also very far from Connecticut. Recently, many Chinese and Western churches in these four continents are within two hours' drive. Therefore, the manor will serve the Chinese and Western churches in these four continents, so that the church has a beautiful and perfect camp venue. 2. "Kakusheng" was established for nearly 40 years. According to the needs of the public, it established contact points in the community through different projects to find sheep outside the circle; and through the establishment of friendship and belief, it led the sheep outside the circle to know Jesus. Now that "Kakusheng" has its own camp, the camp can be included in the outreach and harvest development plan, which becomes a new strategy of "Kakusheng" in various ministries in the community. Koksheng Life Manor will play a "carrying role" in the development of "Kakusheng" community work, so that various ministries will have another development base. 3. In addition to providing beautiful and complete meeting venues for the Chinese and Western churches and various ministries of the "Kakusheng" Life Manor, it will also organize different themed camps according to the needs and interests of different age groups. Under this premise, we will develop gospel camps of different ages, and practice the strategy of "building contact points, building friendship, and building faith" in a gradual manner. 4. Koksheng Life Manor will also become a training base for the "Kakusheng Life Coach". It will cooperate with the online courses of life coaches, organize physical camps, and conduct experiential learning through activities. Welcome to the church and the brothers and sisters in the Lord to use their creativity in evangelism and use the Horns Life Manor to cultivate and harvest the fruit of the gospel!


一. 角聲生命莊園位於紐約州、新澤西州、賓州交界,離康州也非常近,很多在這四洲之內的中西教會,都是在兩個小時車程之内。所以,莊園將服事這四洲之內的中西教會,讓教會有一個美麗和完善的營會場地。
二. 「角聲」成立近40年,按照大眾的需要,通過不同的項目在社區中建立接觸點,尋找圈外的羊;並通過建立友誼和建立信仰,帶領圈外的羊認識耶穌。現在「角

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回想起當年設計「角聲」標誌的事,Andy依然記憶猶新。生於香港的Andy,畢業於聖保羅書院,畢業後去了加拿大讀書,由於酷愛設計,慕名前往美國著名的Pratt Institute攻讀美術設計,畢業後在紐約實習工作,假日就返位於曼哈頓唐人街的中華海外宣道會(中宣會)崇

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基督教角聲佈道團(「角聲」)在邁向四十周年的里程上,作了一件「新事」,就是購入位於紐約上州的Eddy Farm莊園,這個莊園有過百年歷史,佔地八十畝,有八個標準田徑運動場般大,一直由美國基督徒營運,作為會議中心、家庭度假勝地、喜慶婚宴、退修中心、田園種植等用途,但受到疫情影響,加上營運者年老計劃退休,於是以十分優惠的價錢及還款方式轉售給角聲,並於2021年中完成買賣及交接程序,而「角聲」亦把莊園添加了一個新的中文名字——「角聲生命莊園」

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