Eddy Farm Today

19 12 月, 2023

As it may have been known, Eddy Farm was temporarily closed during the pandemic. The good
news is that CCHC(The Chinese Christian Herald Crusades) wasted no time in reopening the
place for business, after we humbly took over this “piece of paradise” in 2021. The better news
is that Eddy Farm will remain to be a Christian retreat and conference center under the new
ownership and management. We still offer buffet style meals; We still offer 50% off discount
for the leading pastor and family, and 20% off discount for the leading organizer( we know how
challenge their work is); And we still offer 20% off discount for children ages 3-9, and children
under age of 3 will be free.
And the following services will be included in the price:
● Use of conference rooms and sound equipment
● Bonfire
● Recreational facility and equipment
To help you encourage more people to sign up early, we offer flexible cancellation policy(please
contact us for details)
We have been so thankful to have witnessed for the past two years that so many churches have
restarted using Eddy Farm for the retreat of their congregations.
Since we were called to continue the legend of the transformed Eddy Farm, we have been
abundantly blessed to be able to make a number of improvements to this already beautiful place
which so many people love so much:
● Paving the new road
● Installing new split unit A/Cs with heat pump for all the standard/deluxe bedrooms and
conference rooms and common areas
● Building a second cafeteria with its own kitchen
● Adding a second well for sufficient water supply
● Installing(ongoing) all hot water heaters for the residence buildings
● Building a new basketball court, volleyball court, soccer field, in addition to the tennis
court, ping pong and other recreation facilities we already have.
● Renovating(ongoing) all the bathrooms
● Changing(ongoing) all the mattresses and boxes
● Installing(ongoing) back-up regenerators for all the buildings
● Changing(ongoing) window coverings for all the windows
● Changing(ongoing) new floorings for the bedrooms and hallways
We are looking, the Lord permitted, to expand our lodging capacity(currently there are 120
bedrooms with private bathrooms and another 40 bedrooms with shared bathrooms) in the
coming year by converting some of the bathroom-shared bedrooms into suites with private bathrooms, and by building a number of prefab homes on this 80 plus acre property in addition
to a portfolio of 14 buildings. We are also looking, God willing, to build more recreation facilities
such as mini golf and pickleball.
Please graciously put in your prayer our humble ministry work here at Eddy Farm, and use this
beautiful place for the blessings of many people, which, as one young pastor wrote to us,
“created a space to allow our youth to truly enjoy the presence of the Lord.”
We are thankfully looking forward to hosting and serving your future retreat here at Eddy Farm.